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Revolutionary Mobility for All, KAR Co., Ltd.
Specialist of Autonomous Driving Solution and Optimum Mobility Platform
to Ensure the Comfortable and Safe Transportation of Mankind.
For autonomous driving mobility platforms, KAR offers hardware platform technologies including, steering, gearbox and brake actuators, together with software platform technologies such as core control and data collection.
Based on manufacturing technology for power train and prototype vehicles, KAR has committed to restless R&D in the field of autonomous driving since 2010, and offers total solutions required for mobility platforms such as autonomous driving vehicles, autonomous shuttles, and robot taxis.
Company History
  • Established Company (Power Train Remanufacturing)
  • Incorporated to KAR Co., LTD. (Prototype Vehicle Manufacturing)
  • Registered as Partner of Hyundai Motor Group
  • Commence autonomous driving solution R&D
  • CES 2016 (Autonomous Vehicle - V2i Synchronization)
  • Established R&D Center
  • Certified for ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Certified as Technological Innovation-Oriented Small and Medium Enterprise (Inno-Biz)
  • Designated as Global IP Start-up
  • Manufactured Concept Vehicle for 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games
  • Selected as Promising Export Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Exported K-Autonomous System to USA
  • Manufactured Autonomous Vehicles "Ulsan #1" and "Ulsan #2" (Temporary Operating Permit Obtained)
  • Executed Agreement with Local Bus Manufacturer (Autonomous Shuttle Production)
Key Technology
Autonomous Package
Offers a total solution for performance control including hardware, software and finished vehicles
KarKo's Autonomous Business
Autonomous Driving Hardware Components
Steering, braking and gearbox actuator modules compatible with various vehicle types
Performance & Control Software Solutions
High/Low level integrated control Embedded based speed (Acceleration) control Smart HVAC control
Sensor Mounting Bracket Kit
Sensor mounting bracket kit accommodating various sensors in various vehicle types
UI/UX display Up/Down monitoring system
Autonomous Vehicles and Unattended Mobility Vehicles
System total packaging including exterior and interior design
Mass production based autonomous vehicles and autonomous shuttles for vehicle OEMs of R&D test vehicles
Autonomous Platform - Autonomous Vehicles and Unattended Mobility Vehicles
Choose a Model and Make it Autonomous
Manufacturing autonomous vehicles from prototype vehicles (mule, prototype and/or pilot) to mass-production based vehicles
    Finished Vehicle Teardown
  • Publish manuals based on vehicle specifications for manufacturing
  • Produce basic drawings with 3D scanners
    Actuator Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Produce design drawing after preliminary assembly of horizontal, vertical direction control and gearbox control device.
  • Manufacture & Assemble optimal device after simulation
    Sensor Mounting Bracket Design & Installation
  • Manufacture and preliminary assemble prototype based on design drawing
  • Manufacture and install bracket after verification of sensor installation alignment
    Electric Wiring Design & Work
  • After electric design, conduct wiring and manufracture P1
  • Reflect confirmed design drawing in manufacturing and maintenance manual
    Autonomous Driving System Installation & Test
  • After system preliminary assembly of system, test each individually acting unit
  • Final comprehensive synchronization test evaluation
    Vehicle Delivery
  • Publish Specification
  • Additional maintenance and upgrades
  • 12.
    Synchronized autonomous vehicle - V2i for "K" at CES 2016
  • 12.
    Manufactured comprehensive packaging vehicle for "H" at CES 2017
  • 06.
    Manufactured autonomous driving shuttles (3EA) for "H" R&D Center
  • 12.
    Designed and manufactured concept vehicle for 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games.
  • 05.
    Manufactured autonomous vehicle "Ulsan #1" for Ulsan Metropolitan City
    Electric design and device provision for "S" University research autonomous driving vehicle
  • 07.
    Manufactured small autonomous EV for "K" University (2EA)
  • 11.
    Manufactured small autonomous EV for local company "E" (2EA)
  • 12.
    Delivered device (actuator, gateway) and comprehensive packaging (2EA) to a start-up in USA
    Manufactured autonomous vehicle "Ulsan #2" for Ulsan Metropolitan City (Temporary Operating Permit Obtained)
  • 04.
    Manufactured autonomous nitrogen vehicles for "H" (7EA)
  • ing.
    Converted Zyle Daewoo 25 passenger bus to an autonomous shuttle bus
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